Sylvia Maharaj OBE

Domestic Abuse

stop_domestic_violenceI played a lead role in arranging three DA seminars in London on behalf of the Metropolitan Police Independent Advisory Group (IAG). With an audience of agencies and communities of various backgrounds, these seminars have proved to be successful in raising awareness with regard to incident reporting and requisite victim support.

We work with the above agencies and communities, noting a considerable increase in the reporting of DA incidents, while also monitoring the response from the Police and the Courts.

I made recommendations to the MPS’s DA team arising from my attendance at DA seminars in Washington and Houston. Several of theses are now being implemented. An example can be drawn from the SANE practice guidelines where victims of rape and sexual assault crimes were seen by all professionals under one roof, within minutes of the incident occurring.

A report on Child Protection and Domestic Abuse was completed by the University of the West Indies* which prompted me to visit Trinidad to gather further information and share experiences.

Over the years I have developed relevant skills and expertise in Domestic Abuse, Child Protection and Safeguarding, including emergency and non-emergency services, on an international level. Indeed, I am keen to share my experience and expertise in a consultative capacity with organisations needing further help. Use the form below to submit any requests.

*Domestic violence: its prevalence and profile, CA Sewell; JS Martin; WD Abel, (2010), Department of Community Health and Psychiatry, Section of Psychiatry, The University of the West Indies, Kingston 7, Jamaica