Sylvia Maharaj OBE

Teaching English (TEFL/ESOL)

Flag_map_of_SpainHaving visited the country several times and developed an affection for the climate, people, culture and cuisine, I embraced the opportunity to learn Spanish in Spain, while helping those wishing to improve their English language skills. This arrangement has resulted in regular trips to one of my favourite destinations for what can be described as “working holidays”.

Travel will always be an interest of mine enabling me to broaden my horizons and appreciate the vast array of cultures our planet has to offer, many of which are present locally in our vibrant and multicultural UK.

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TEFL/ESOL can also be applied within the UK, where I can help professionals from many countries who are resident in the UK, visiting on business or regardless of their residency status, simply want to improve their English for professional or general purposes.

You can find out more, i.e general information via the following links or use the form below to get in touch and determine how I can help you achieve your desired level….

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